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Colour & Make Up Analysis


Find out how colour can play a huge part in refreshing and revitalising your complexion. Keeping the process simple and interesting, you will learn what colours not to wear and the optimum colour palette to help you look fresh, more youthful and awake.

Digitally created colour drapes are placed around the face and shoulders and working through each colour palette, I will help you see how colour can play a huge part in defining your facial features, accentuate your eye colour and optimise your complexion. The benefit being a more glowing, youthful and radiant look each time you choose to wear your perfect colours!

I am still amazed at how wearing certain colours has such a positive effect on my clients. I LOVE colour!

This session also includes my advice on which make up colours to choose along with a short make up application so you can leave feeling radiant!

(Colour Swatch available to take home for an additional $15).